NordicCon 2010

This year's theme was

"Higher, Faster, Farther"

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Theme awards
Gold Eric Morningstar X-15
Silver Merrill Anderson Triple Fokkers
Bronze Rob Folden F-111a
Special awards
Most unique model Anzo Lee Maritime Tale
Best aircraft DC-6B Randy Worringer
Best Automotive Enzo Ferrari Steve Hansen
Best WWI Fokker E.II Merrill Anderson
Best Ordiance 88mm Flak Anzo Lee
Best Figure Fallujah Marine 2004 Scott Primeau
Best Polish Bf-109G in Polish markings Ed Bjes
Best Armor Famo w/ crane Joel Butkowski
Best German Bf-109G Polish markings Ed Bjes
Category B-1: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller Biplanes and WWI
Gold Erick Zable Nieport NI-23
Silver Richard Venberg Antonette 1909
Category B-2: Aircraft 1/48 and larger Biplanes and WWI
Gold Erik Zable Morane Salnier
Silver Bob Maderich Fokker D.VIII
Bronze Ross Petra Henschel HS.123
Category B-3: Aircraft 1/48 and larger WWII Axis fighter
Gold Tom Bausch B6N2 Jill
Silver Ray Smith D4Y2 Judy
Bronze Ron Schomshor BF-109
Category B-4: Aircraft 1/48 and larger WWII Allied fighter
Gold Dennis Strand T-6
Silver Ken Sallman P-47M
Bronze John R Ross P-40E
Category B-5: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller WWII Axis Fighter
Gold Steve Hustad BF-109G-10
Silver Rob Folden Captured Wildcat
Bronze Larry Donovan Ki-84
Category B-6: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller WWII Allied Fighter
Gold Rob Folden F4F Wildcat
Silver Paul LevVintre F6F Hellcat
Bronze Kent Meyer FH-1 Phantom
Category B-7: Aircraft 1/48 and larger Bomber and Transport (all periods)
Gold John P Ross B-25H
Silver Mark Rossmann B25C
Category B-8: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller Bomber and Transport (all periods)
Gold Ron Schomshor B5N2 Kate
Silver Jim Kloek PBJ-1H
Bronze Ray Smith Me.264
Category B-9: Aircraft 1/48 and larger Fighters Korea to present
Gold Steve Macey F-5N
Silver Eric Moringstar F14-D
Silver Steve Rewey F-104
Bronze Tom Bausch F4D skyray
Bronze John P Ross A-4E
Category B-10: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller Fighters Korea to present
Gold Eric Moringstar F-111E
Silver John R Ross F-4J
Bronze Greg Nietse F-14
Category B-11: Helicopters (all scales)
Gold Rob Folden UH-34
Silver Anzo Lee Hind
Bronze Kyle Nelson MI-24
Category B-13: Aircraft 1/144 and smaller A/C (all)
Gold Anzo Lee F14 Bombcat
Category B-14: Aircraft 1/32 Biplanes and WWI
Gold Bob Huber P-12
Silver Winston Vermilyea Junkers J.1
Category B-15: Aircraft 1/32 Aircraft
Gold Tom Bausch P-26A
Silver Steve Macy Spitfire MkII
Bronze John P Ross A-7 Corsair
Category B-16: Civilian aircraft (all scales)
Gold Randy Worringer DC-6
Silver Don Stauffer Boeing 40B
Bronze Greg Farrell JU-52
Category C-1: Military Vehicles 1/72 and smaller (All)
Gold Steve Hustad Stug IV
Silver Rob Folden Stug IV
Bronze Joe Lotz M1126 Stryker
Category C-2: Military Vehicles 1/48 (all)
Gold Sean Brzozowski IDF Sherman
Silver Steve Macy Cargo Humvee
Bronze Eric Zable M8
Category C-5: Military Vehicles 1/35 Axis open top and soft skin
Gold George Metge Bedford Truck
Silver Rob Folden Marder III M
Bronze Joel Butkowski Famo with Crane
Category C-6: Military Vehicles 1/35 Allied open top and soft skin
Gold Mike Bedard Renault UE
Silver George Metge M8
Bronze Peter Rasmussen Staghound
Category C-7: Military Vehicles 1/35 Axis closed top
Gold Joel Butkowski P4 Bridge Layer
Gold George Metge Jagdtiger
Silver Blaine Doone Porsche Tiger
Silver Don Burgoyne 38(t)
Bronze Mike Bedard Stug III
Bronze Peter Rasmussen Waffen Tragger
Category C-8: Military Vehicles 1/35 Allied closed top
Gold George Metke M4A3
Silver Tim Streeter M3 Stuart
Bronze Gary Majchrzak BT-7
Category C-9: Military Vehicles 1/35 Korea to present
Gold Jacques Duquette M706-V100 Cadillac
Silver Peter Rasmussen T-34-122
Bronze Joel Lotz Jgsdf type 90 Mine Roller
Category C-10: Artillery all scales
Gold Ross Petra 18M German Howitzer
Silver Mike Bedard 17 pounder
Bronze Rob Folden 28 mmAT Gun
Category D-1: Figures 54mm and smaller
Gold Kyle Nelson Reichstag "Vikings finally win Super Bowl"
Category D-2: Figures 70mm and larger
Gold Gary Anderson Richard DeVere
Silver Nick Majeres Ice Queen
Bronze Don Stauffer Arch Duke Sigmond
Category D-3: Figures Bust
Gold Scott Primeau Bust Display
Silver Scott Nicely Corsair
Bronze Kyle Nelson Soviet Tank Captain
Category D-4: Figures Sci-fi and Fantasy
Gold Scott Nicely Preacher
Silver Wayne Weber Dragon Rider
Bronze Bob Ferreira Yoda
Category E-1: Ships 1/600 and smaller
Gold Jim Kloek USS North Carolina
Silver Paul Ooi HMS Nelson
Bronze Anzo Lee USS Aries PHM-5
Category E-2: Ships 1/350 to 1/500
Gold Dean Hervat USS Astoria
Silver Paul Ooi I-58
Bronze Rob Folding Schnellboot
Category E-3: Ships 1/200 and larger
Gold Greg Metge TypeVIIC-41
Silver Gary Anderson Black Falcon
Bronze Brad Knight Ocean Salvage Tug Boat
Category F-1: Cars 1/18 and larger all
Gold Jerry Kopas 1959 Corvette
Category F-2: Cars 1/32 and smaller all
Gold Don Stadick Cro Sal Cheetah
Silver Jim Johnson Custom VW
Bronze Steven Hanson Torino
Category F-3: Cars 1/20 to 1/25 Factory Stock
Gold Steve Hanson Ferrari Enzo
Silver Dawn Kuehn Jaguar XJ
Bronze Chris Batson Ferrari 599
Category F-4: Cars 1/20 to 1/25 Street Rods
Gold Jim Johnson 32 Ford Roadster
Silver Bob Maderich 32 Ford Hot Rod Primer
Bronze Doug Long 37 Ford
Category F-5: Cars 1/20 to 1/25 Customs
Gold Bob Maderich Taijana Taxi
Silver Steven Hanson Fiat
Bronze Kevin Pelletier 66 GTO
Category F-6: Cars 1/20 to 1/25 Competition closed wheel
Gold Brad Knight Hawaiian Punch Buick
Silver Steven Hanson Ford GT Mark II
Bronze Bob Maderich 58 Corvette
Category F-7: Cars 1/20 to 1/25 Competition open wheel
Gold Erik Zabel Jordan 191
Silver Bob Maderich STP Turbine Car
Bronze Jim Mulligan 32 Ford
Category F-8: Trucks all
Gold Don Stadick Peterbuilt 359
Silver Kevin Pelletier Kenworth
Category F-9: Motorcycles all
Gold Jim Mulligan Honda RC 166
Silver Brad Knight Yamaha Moto GP
Bronze Steven Hanson Repsol Honda RC211V
Category G-1: Sci-Fi All
Gold Eric Zable Jawa sandcrawler
Silver Rob Folden Klingon Bird of Prey
Bronze John R Ross USS Enterprise
Category H-1: Real Space All
Gold David Hanners ATV-Johannses Kepler
Category I-1: Dioramas All
Gold Steve Hustad Stranded on Kefaliona-1944
Silver Gary Melge Victory beyond their grasp
Silver Anzo Lee Ancient Marine Tale
Bronze Tim Streeter Lafayette, Baboon has arrived
Category J-1: Misc. All
Gold Bob Huber Rhino
Silver Gary Anderson War Hammer Chariot Squadron
Bronze Don Statick Ork Battlewagon
Category A-1: Juniors All
Gold Joel Ooi F-15 E
Silver Finn Rasmussen M-3 Grant
Bronze Nicholas Rewey F4U-4

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Number of Models:

Number of Entrants: 95