NordicCon 2016


The 2016 NordicCon took place on October 22 at Base Camp. The show featured 83 adult modelers and eight juniors who brought 361 models to the tables. This was nearly on par with last year in spite of the fact that—for the second year in a row—the MMSI Chicago Show was moved to the same weekend as NordicCon. Nonetheless, the show attracted skilled modelers from clubs throughout the region, including Mad City Modelers, the Glue Crew, Plastic Surgeons, Alexander Lippisch, South Central Modelers, Nautical Model Shipbuilders, MARS, MCCM, MSM, and Twin City Scale Modelers, in addition to those clubs sponsoring NordicCon: the Minnesota Military Figure Society, Oddball’s Modeling Group, RPM, and Twin City Aero Historians.

The 2017 NordicCon will be held at Base Camp on Saturday, September 30.


People Choice Award
Winner Ryan Teerstag Aperture Laboratories 200


Best Competition Vehicle sponsored by RPM
Winner Howared Quednau Honda RA-272  


Best Polish Subject sponsored by Sean Brzozowski
Winner John Carlson TS-11 Iskra 048


Best Russian/Soviet Subject sponsored by Jacques Duquette
Winner Andrew Youngman T-34/35 173


Best Vietnam Subject sponsored by Erik Zabel
Winner O Jay F-4J 246


Most Unique Model sponsored by MSM
Winner Ryan Teerstag Shadow Box Portal 2 200


Best Figure sponsored by the Minnesota Military Figure Society
Winner Brian Paschke Doctor Miracle 221


Best Ordanance sponsored by OMG Model Club
Winner Peter Rasmusen T-54/55 Iraqi 130 mm SPG 161


Best Armor Subject sponsored by the Minnesota Military Figure Society
Winner Peter Rasmusen T-54/55 Iraqi 130 mm SPG 161


Best WWII U.S. Armor Subject sponsored by David Herbert
Winner Mark Jaques M4A3 038


Best Armour - T-72 Tank sponsored by Ross Duvall
Winner Mark Brusten T-72 180


Best Airliner sponsored by Randy Worringer and David DeBace
Winner Don Stauffer Dornier V 242


Best Sci-Fi Subject sponsored by Starship Modeler
Winner John Carlson USS Discovery 195


Best Luftwaffe Subject sponsored by Luft-Sig
Winner Erik Zabel Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 156


Best U.S. Military Aviation Trainer Subject sponsored by the Twin City Aero Historians
Winner Ray Smith A6M2-K Zero Trainer  


Curtis Wacker Best Conversion/Scratchbuilt Armour Award
Winner Andrew Youngman T-34 Remains 173


Best WWI Subject
Winner Erik Zabel Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 156


David Huffmeir Award
Winner Richard "Chip" Childs Bf 109 G-14 045


A-1: Juniors (Ages 9 and under)
Gold Lilly Ann Ambergee PT Cruiser
Silver Lilly Ann Ambergee VW NewBug
Bronze Lilly Ann Ambergee 40 Willys Gasser


A-2: Juniors (Ages 10 to 13)
Gold Greta Rocheford Diroama


A-3: Juniors (Ages 14 to 17)
Gold Blayne Carlson XXI U-Boat
Silver Breelyn Carlson Mirage 5BR
Bronze Greta Rocheford Panzer II


B-1: WWI and Biplanes (all scales)
Gold Pete Samolinski Junker S1
Silver Erik Zabel Hansa-Brandenburg W.12
Bronze Rob Teubert Curtis BF2C Goshawk


B-2: 1/48 WWII - Axis Single Engine
Gold Bill Wednard N1K1 Kyotu
Silver Scott Harvieux A6M2-K Zero
Bronze Ron Shomshor Bf-109G


B-3: 1/48 WWII - Allied Single Engine
Gold Dennis Strand SB2U Vindicater
Silver Karen Coughlin P-47D
Bronze Bill Wednard Typhoon


B-4: 1/72 WWII - Axis Single Engine
Gold John Carlson Fw 190
Silver Ron Shamshor Ki-61
Bronze Larry Lahs Aichi D3A1 Val"Shokako"


B-5: 1/72 WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Kent Meyer P-40B
Silver Jeff Campbell SBD-3
Bronze Bob Maderich IL-2 Stormovik


B-6: 1/48 Multi-Engine
Gold Dennis Strand HE 115
Silver Peter Rassmussen B-24
Bronze Bruce McClain Ju88 G-1


B-7: 1/72 Multi-Engine
Gold Bernie Kugal Me246
Silver Bruce McClain JU 188
Bronze Kent Meyer J-55x


B-8: 1/48 Jets - Korea to present
Gold Eric Zabel A-37
Silver Steve Shaffer Harrier
Bronze Rodney Shackelford A-4F


B-9: 1/72 and smaller Jets - Korea to present
Gold John Carlson TS-11 Iskra
Silver Jeff Campbell F-14
Bronze Kent Meyer XF-85


B-10: Helicopters - all scales
Gold Roy Smith Wessex
Silver Blain Miller AH-1S
Bronze John Carlson AH-1F


B-11: Post WWII prop planes (Military) (except 1/32))
Gold Rodney Shackleford A-1H Skyraider
Silver OJ RAF Shackleton
Bronze Don Stauffer Dornier X


B-12: 1/144 and smaller aircraft
Gold Bill Krueger A5M4
Silver Eric Zabel VC-137 Air Force One


B-13: 1/32 All Aircraft
Gold OJ F-4J
Silver Richard "Chip" Childs Bf 109 G14
Bronze David Gatts Bf 109 G10


B-14: Civilian (all scales)
Gold Randy Worringer DC-8-30
Silver Jeff Campbell Boeing 737-200 Aloha
Bronze Don Stauffer Dornier X


Armor: Beginner
GoldBruce McClainPatton
GoldRon ShomshorPanzer II
GoldBob HolidayVolk 82E


Armor: Intermediate
GoldAndrew YoungmanT-34 Wreck
GoldJim HuebenerFlak 88
GoldLarry Lahspzbfw
GoldBill Read2 lb cannon
GoldMike OstendorfBeute Panzer
GoldAugie MickibbenT34/85
GoldMark JacquesM4A3
GoldNick AmburgeyWW2 Jeep
GoldLarry LahsMonogram jeep
GoldBill Krugerheller sherman
SilverRob TubertKV-1
SilverJeff ChristionChurchill
SilverDon StaufferM5 3" gun
SilverBlaine Millerm113
SilverRob TubertMorser Karl
SilverBob MaderichM5A1 Stuart


Armor: Advanced
GoldScott HofflandStuG III
GoldPeter RasmussenT-55 SPG
GoldKeith BrustenT-72
GoldRick FilosaD9R Dozer
GoldEduard StreetChallenger
GoldRoss DuVallIS-2
BronzeMerril AndersonMark 4 Female
BronzeBlaine Doonerpzkpfw


D-1: 54mm and smaller
Gold Rob Teubert German Mounted


D-2: 70mm and larger
Gold James Hilgemann Paratroop Sniper
Silver John Carlson Maku in the Martian


D-3: Bust
Gold Brian Paschke Frankenstein
Silver Michael Lohman Forgotten Prisoner
Bronze Ross Duvall Waffen SS in the Ardennes


D-4: Sci-fi and Fantasy
Gold Brian Paschke Dr. Miracle
Silver Michael Lohman Knight / Dragon
Bronze Steve Shaffer Iron Man


E-1: 1/600 and smaller
Gold Jim Kloek HMS - Dido
Silver Jim Kloek USS - Kid


E-2: 1/350 to 1/500
Gold Chris Weisensel IJN Nagato
Silver Pete Samolinski DKM Scharnhorst
Bronze Bill Krueger USN PT Boat


E-3: 1/200 and larger
Gold Pete Samolinski DKM Bismark
Silver Mike Scott Speed Boat
Bronze James Hilgeman DKM Schnellboot


E-4: Submarines (all)
Gold Rodney Schackelfort Typhoon
Silver Rob Teubert DKM Type XXII
Bronze Kent Meyer USN Skipkack


F-1: 1/18 and larger all
Gold Brian (Ozzy) Kary Top Fuel Dragster
Silver Howard Quednau Porsche 934
Bronze Jerry Copas 69 Corvette


F-2: 1/32 and smaller all
Gold Torben Rothgeb Ford GT 40
Silver Bob Knudsen Ferrari 250 GTO / LeMans
Bronze Jerry Copas 56 Mercury


F-3: 1/20 to 1/25 Factory Stock
Gold Scott Harvieux Ferrari 275 GTB
Silver Bob Knudsen Ferrari 275 SWB
Bronze Don Stadick 66 Olds 442


F-4: 1/20 to 1/25 Street Rods/Street Machines
Gold Dean Kuitunen 32 Ford Coupe
Silver Kirby Hughs 32 Ford Sedan
Bronze Nick Amburgey 29 Ford Roadster


F-5: 1/20 to 1/25 Customs
Gold Kirbey Hughs 56 Chevy
Silver Brian (Ozzy) Kary 57 T-Bird
Bronze Jim Allen 69 Nova


F-6: 1/20 to 1/25 Straight Line Competition
Gold Mike Scott 34 Ford Pickup
Silver Nick Amburgey 69 Nova
Bronze Jim Allen 55 Chevy


F-7: 1/20 to 1/25 Competition Closed Wheel
Gold Erik Zabel Lamborgini
Silver Torben Rothgeb 69 Ford Stock Car #43
Bronze Scott Harvieux McClaren MP 4


F-8: 1/20 to 1/25 Competition Open Wheel
Gold Howard Quednau Honda RA 272
Silver Mike Scott Bantam Speeder
Bronze Don Stadick 57 Chrysler 300


F-9: Trucks (2 and 3 Axel) (All)
Gold Bob Maderich II VW Panel Van
Silver Kirbey Hughs 69 Ford Pickup
Bronze Nick Amburgey 69 Chevy "Step Side"


F-10: Motorcycles (All)
Gold Brian (Ozzy) Kary Harley Bat Bike
Silver Nick Amburgey Chopper
Bronze Tom Finch 97 Honda


G-1: Sci-Fi (All)
Gold Howard Quednau Space 1999 Eagle
Silver Erik Zabel USS Enterprise "Refit"
Bronze Steve Shaffer Reliant / Enterprise (Battle of the Mutara Nebula)


H-1: Real Space (All)
Gold Gary Havey Vanguaard Rocket
Silver John Carlson New Horizon Satelite
Bronze Dan Stauffer Mercury Atlas


I-1: Dioramas - Military Subject
Gold Jim Kloek Wasp Refueling
Silver Steve Gapiz Tiger 1
Bronze Augie Mckibben M1A1 Sherman


I-2: Dioramas - Non-Military Subject
Gold Howard Quednau Midieval Port Scene
Silver Ryan Teerstag Aperture Laboratories
Bronze Dave Morrow Go Mad Nomad


J-1: Miscellaneous
Gold John R. Ross Stegasaurus
Silver Rick Filosa Bundeswehr 2.5T Feldumschlggerät Fork Truck
Bronze Brian "Ozzy" Kary "Blue Mist" Drag Boat


J-2: Collection
Gold Tom Finch Race Bike Collection
Silver Brian (Ozzy) Kary Rat Fink Collection
Bronze Bob maderich II Cars of the Indy 500


J-3: Trifecta
Gold Erik Zabel Porsche 934, T17E1 Staghound A/C MkI, F-107
Silver Bob maderich II PT-17 Stearman, 1950 Oldsmobile, S-100 Schnellboot