NordicCon Registration Forms

Please make sure to use forms from this year, to register your models.  The first is the standard Registration form for each model. Please fill out this form as completely as possible. The next form is the Entry Sheet, this is basically a list of all the entries you are entering at NordicCon. You should have one line completed for each model you are entering. We will be providing the entry numbers so if you can complete the other areas it will drastically help us speed up our entry process.

  Registration Form sample - Entry sheet Registration Form sample - Individual model


You can download registration forms, in either Word or PDF format, using links below:

Entry sheet: Use this form to list all of the models you are entering.
Word or  PDF
Registration form: Complete this form separately for every model you are entering.
Word or  PDF


Please remember that both forms have to be filled out in order for your entries to be accepted.  Thank you!