Our Logo

logo mediumThe original redesign for our TCAH logo was meant to represent a Minnesota-based, aviation-themed organization, replicating the feel of a squadron patch. When the first design put forward to the membership received shall we say, less than enthusiastic comments, the artist went back to the drawing board, and our new design is the outcome. It contains elements of the first unofficial logo of U.S. Naval Reserve Training Base "B" once located at South St. Paul Municipal Airport, also known as Fleming Field, where we now meet. The Navy version was originally designed by Walt Disney studios in April, 1941, at no cost, by request of the Commanding Officer of the Training Base. The penguin represented the cadets who were training to fly at the base, located in "one of the coldest spots in winter". This should be appropriate for TCAH, seeing that although there are some pilots among our group, most of us are "flightless birds" in "one of the coldest spots in winter".