NordicCon 2011


It was a beautiful fall day for Nordicon 2011 and we filled the Fridley Knights hall with over 300 stunning models. Plenty of vendor tables were sold, (thanks Sean!), so there was ample opportunity to empty your wallets. John Ross, and family did a great job on the raffle, both the general one and the silent one. Thanks to all who donated to this, it really is a fun part of any show. Bernie took the judging reins and mad sure we were all on task and on time! Larry, Dave, Merrill, and crew did a great job at the registration table. I hope the online option for entering was a success. It sure is a lot easier!

Sadly, we bid a final farewell to the Knights hall, and Vicki's great lunches, and move the show back to Productivity Inc. for the 2012 show. This is the site of the 2010 event and it's a great facility. Dave Nelson will be your fearless leader next year.

For me personally, it's my favorite show of the year. To see so much modeling diversity in one room is awesome. It's also great to see modelers of different genres enjoying each others work. We, the Twin Cities modeling community, deserve a show like this. It's a place to share your talents, but most importantly, it's a place to gather together as friends and colleagues. See ya next year!

- Bob Maderich II

Awards • Stats

Theme awards
Plaque SU-47 Joel Oii
Gold F4U-5N Mark Rossman
Gold Ferrari Enzo Scott Harvieux
Silver EB-57 Blain Miller
Silver F-117 John P Ross
Bronze Batman Scott Raisbeck
Bronze Batman Tumbler John R Ross
Special awards
Best Polish Subject SU-100 Kyle Nelson
Best Ordinance M198 Blaine Dooner
Best Figure Dr Jones Mike Bedard
Best Armor Subject Panzer IV Jai Ou
Best Compitition Vehicle M & M funny car Andy Martin
Best Ship LCM-3 Mike Bedard
Best US Naval Aviation Subject F4U-5N Mark Rossman
Best WWII Luftwaffe Multi-Engine HE-219 Scott Johnson
Most Unique Model Civil War Diorama Curtis Eikeland
Best Sci-Fi Subject Superstar Destroyer Chris Ross
Best Night Fighter F4U-5N Mark Rossman
Best USMC Subject F4U-5N Mark Rossman
Category A-1: Juniors - Ages 9 and under
Gold Zero Nick Rewey
Silver F-14 Egg-Plane Ariana Vermilyea
Silver Panzer II Pierson Rasmussen
Bronze Semi-truck Liam Nicely
Bronze X-Wing Preston Ross
Category A-2: Juniors - Ages 10 to 13
Gold Sherman tank Finn Rasmussen
Silver Camaro Concept Holly Stadick
Category A-3: Juniors - Ages 14 to 17
Gold Su-47 Joel Ooi
Category B-1: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller Biplanes and WWI
Gold Hansabrandenberg CC Curtis Knight
Silver Fokker Dr-1 Paul Johnson
Bronze Albatross D-V Eric Zabel
Category B-4: Aircraft 1/48 and larger WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Corsair Jim Allen
Silver Dauntless John R- Ross
Bronze P-51 D Scott Johnson
Category B-5: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller WWII Axis Single Engine
Gold BF-109E Curtis Knight
Silver KI-84 Mike Bedard
Bronze ME-262A Eric Zabel
Category B-6: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Yak-3 Mike Bedard
Silver A-25 Shrike Larry Lahs
Category B-7: Aircraft 1/48 and larger Multi-Engine
Gold OV-1 Mohawk Paul Ooi
Silver Manchester Dennis Strand
Bronze Ar-234 Ray Smith
Category B-8: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller Multi-Engine
Gold R4D-8 Randall Worringer
Silver AR-234 Kent Meyer
Bronze HE-177 Peter Rasmussen
Category B-9: Aircraft 1/48 and larger Jets and Korea to present
Gold CF-104 Steve Macey
Silver MiG-21 Eric Morningstar
Bronze AH-1J Skyraider Steve Rewey
Category B-10: Aircraft 1/72 and smaller Jets and Korea to present
Gold F-86 Eric Zable
Silver F-16 John Ross
Bronze EB-57 Blaine Miller
Category B-13: Aircraft 1/144 and smaller (All)
Gold F6F Hellcat Curtis Knight
Silver C-17 Eric Morningstar
Bronze F-14 Scott Raisbeck
Category B-15: Aircraft 1/32 Aircraft
Gold P-47 Steve Rewey
Silver Ju-87 Peter Rasmussen
Bronze P-40 Eric Zabel
Category B-16: Aircraft - Civilian (All)
Gold Boeing 727 Kevin Pelletier
Silver Aircamper Don Stauffer
Bronze Lockheed Vega Bob Maderich
Category C-1: Military Vehicles 1/72 and smaller (All)
Gold Canadian Chevy Gary Majchrzak
Silver T34-85 Eric Zable
Bronze Tiger II Bob Maderich
Category C-2: Military Vehicles 1/48 (all)
Gold Firefly Vc Sean Brzozowski
Silver Humvee Steve Macey
Bronze Austin Tilly Mike Bedard
Category C-5: Military Vehicles 1/35 Axis open top and soft skin
Gold Panzer IV Jia Ou
Silver Ferdinand Peter Rasmussen
Category C-6: Military Vehicles 1/35 Allied open top and soft skin
Gold M3 Halftrack Gary Majchrzak
Silver NKL-26 Kyle Nelson
Bronze Old Bill Bus Ray Melberger
Category C-7: Military Vehicles 1/35 Axis closed top
Gold Panzer 38T Peter Rasmussen
Silver SDKFZ 250 Halftrack Ron Shomshor
Bronze Panzer IIF Merrill Anderson
Category C-8: Military Vehicles 1/35 Allied closed top
Gold Matilda Jai Ou
Silver SU-100 Kyle Nelson
Bronze T50 Mike Bedard
Category C-9: Military Vehicles 1/35 Korea to present
Gold M50 Mike Bedard
Silver The Beast Kyle Nelson
Bronze T62 Peter Rasmussen
Category C-10: Artillery (All)
Gold Pak43-41 Bob Maderich
Silver 75mm Pack Merrill Anderson
Bronze M102 Mike Bedard
Category D-1: Figures - 54mm and smaller
Gold Black Panther Don Haney
Silver Praetorian Tribune Scott Nicely
Category D-2: Figures - 70mm and larger
Gold DugIn at Khe Sanh Scott Primeau
Silver Batman Scott Raisbeck
Category D-3: Figures - Bust
Gold Hue 68 Scott Primeau
Silver Bram Stoker George Stephanson
Bronze Soviet Mountainer Kyle Nelson
Category D-4: Figures - Sci-fi and Fantasy
Gold Dr- Jones Mike Bedard
Silver Predator George Stephanson
Bronze Rat Fink Jim Johnson
Category E-1: Ships 1/600 and smaller
Gold Gunfight off Guadalcanal Paul Ooi
Silver I-58 Ray Smith
Category E-3: Ships 1/200 and larger
Gold LCM3 Mike Bedard
Silver Reale De France Don Stauffer
Bronze U-805 Don Bauer
Category F-1: Automotive 1/18 and larger (All)
Gold Jungle Jim Mark Rollie
Silver 1970 Cutlass Richard Habisch
Category F-2: Automotive 1/32 and smaller (All)
Gold Nissan Skyline Paul Johnston
Silver Porsche 550 Don Stadick
Bronze Focus WRC Steve Hansen
Category F-3: Automotive 1/20 to 1/25 Factory Stock
Gold 71 duster Bob Halliday
Silver Ferriari 458 Steve Hansen
Bronze 66 impala Jim Allen
Category F-4: Automotive 1/20 to 1/25 Street Rods
Gold 41 willys Toby Halliday
Silver 25 t coupe Bob knutsen
Bronze 32 ford Jim Mulligan
Category F-5: Automotive 1/20 to 1/25 Customs
Gold corvette 206 Steve Hansen
Silver 68 camaro Jim Johnson
Bronze 49 merc Jim Mulligan
Category F-6: Automotive 1/20 to 1/25 Competition closed wheel
Gold 66 Barracuda Eric Zabel
Gold 64 Cobra Jim Mulligan
Silver M&M funny car Andy Martin
Silver Porsche 935 Paul Johnson
Bronze '71 Sox and Martin Jim Allen
Bronze Laguna Stock car Torben Rothgelb
Category F-7: Automotive 1/20 to 1/25 Competition open wheel
Gold offy midget Bob maderich
Silver Kurtis midget Don Stauffer
Bronze Sauber F1 Eric Zabel
Category F-8: Trucks (All)
Gold 1980 Dodge Ramcharger Dawn Kuehn
Silver Jeep Cj-5 Kevin Peltier
Bronze 94 S-10 Richard Habisch
Category F-9: Motorcycles (All)
Gold 2004 Ducati Jim Mulligan
Silver Yamaha srx-6 Paul Johnson
Bronze BMW Dave Morrow
Category G-1: Sci-Fi (All)
Gold USS Enterprise John Eighmy
Silver Snowspeeder Erick Zabel
Bronze Super Star destroyer Chris Ross
Category I-1: Dioramas - Military Subject
Gold "Pursuit" Kyle Nelson
Silver "Cornered" Ryan Tersteg
Bronze "Ambush on Train Strasse" Larry Clausen
Category I-2: Dioramas - Non-Military Subject
Gold "The Invaders" Dave Morrow
Category J-1: Misc (All)
Gold Heavy Rail Car Mike Bedard
Silver Midget Engine Don Stauffer
Bronze War Hammer Vindicator Don Stadick

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