NordicCon 2014

This year's theme was



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Theme Award
Winner Tim Streeter M13 Halftrack  339


People's Choice Award
Winner Chuck Bauer Roma Italian Battleship  063


Special Awards
Best Competition Vehicle
- sponsored by RPM
Kevin Peltier Buddy Baker 1971 Dodge Charger  
Best Armor
- sponsored by the Minnesota Military Figure Society
Don Haney M1A1 Abrams "All about the Bones" 313
Best Polish Subject
- sponsored by Sean Brzozowski
Scott Hoffland Firefly 312
Best Figure
- sponsored by the Minnesota Military Figure Society
Scott Primeau "Wanted"  
Most Unique Model
- sponsored by MSM
Howard Quodnow "Silly Surfers Taking a Selfie" 349
Best Ordnance
- sponsored by OMG Model Club
Keith Brusten SU-100  362
Best Sci-Fi Subject
- sponsored by Starship Modeler
Anzo Lee Transformers Starscream  
Best Russian Subject
- sponsored by Jacques Duquette
O Jay 1/32 SU-25 275
Best Vietnam Subject
- sponsored by Erik Zabel
O Jay A1H Skyraider  
Best World War I Subject
- sponsored by Mark Krumrey
Bob Maderich II British Mk I tank  
Best WWII U.S. Armor Subject
- sponsored by Dave Herbert
Don Haney M1A1 Abrams  
Best Aircraft
- sponsored by the Twin City Aero Historians
O Jay SU-25  275
Best WWII U.S. Armor Subject by a Junior/Beginner
- sponsored by Tim Streeter/
Kevin Murray Jeep  
Best Airliner
- sponsored by Randy Worringer and David DeBace
Kyle Nelson Abandoned Airliner  274
Best Luftwaffe Subject
- sponsored by David Hueffmier
Bob Steinbrunn Dornier 335  
Best Youth Military Subject
- sponsored by Tim Streeter


Category A-1: Juniors Ages 9 and under
Gold Arul Santoshi MIG-21
Silver Gabe Englested Panzer IV
Bronze Tristan Vermilya F-16 Egg plane


Category A-2: Juniors Ages 10 to 13
Gold Greta Englestad ME-262
Silver Ariana Vermilyea Hughes Egg plane
Bronze Cody Rossman P-51 Mustang


Category A-3: Juniors Ages 14 to 17
Gold Patrick Vermer PAK 40
Silver Jake Houts 1967 Chevy
Bronze Emily Streeter MonkeeMobile


Category B-1: 1/72 and smaller Biplanes and WWI
Gold Mike Klessig Curtis SBC-4 Helldiver
Silver John Carlson Albatross DV
Bronze Steven Savek Albatross DIII


Category B-2: 1/48 and larger Biplanes and WWI
Gold Merrill Anderson Albatross CIII
Silver Don Stauffer PT-17
Bronze Ray Smith DH-10


Category B-3: 1/48 and larger WWII Axis Single Engine
Gold Steve Macy FW 190 D3
Silver Bob Steinbrunn He 162
Bronze Dennis Strand C6NI Savin


Category B-4: 1/48 and larger WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Dennis Strand Blackburn
Silver Erik Zabel SBD-3 Dauntless
Bronze Steve Macy P-51D Mustang


Category B-5: 1/72 and smaller WWII Axis Single Engine
Gold John Carlson NI K1 "George"
Silver Larry Lahs J2 M3 Jack
Bronze Winston Vermilyea Ki 98


Category B-6: 1/72 and smaller WWII Allied Single Engine
Gold Erik Zabel P-47D Razorback
Silver Mike Hirsch VC-64 Norseman
Bronze Paul Johnston P-51 B/C


Category B-7: 1/48 and larger Multi-Engine
Gold Bob Steinbrunn Dornier 335
Silver Ryan Tersteg B-24H
Bronze Bob Ferreira P-38J


Category B-8: 1/72 and smaller Multi-Engine
Gold Erik Zabel Avro Lancaster
Silver Jim Kloek B-26 "Flak Bait"
Bronze Blaine Miller OV-1B Mohawk


Category B-9: 1/48 and larger Jets Korea to present
Gold O jay Skyraider
Silver Erik Zabel Mig-29
Bronze Leonard Prousam Mig 21


Category B-10: 1/72 and larger Jets Korea to present
Gold Mike Klessig F-14
Silver Erik Zabel F-8 Crusader
Bronze Anzo Lee F-86


Category B-11: Helicopters (all scales)
Gold Blaine Miller OH-6A
Silver John R. Ross Lynx
Bronze Rick Vermer AH-1


Category B-13: 1/144 and smaller (all)
Gold Mike Hirsch Douglas R5D
Silver Erik Zabel Junkers G38
Bronze Ray Smith Hercules


Category B-14: 1/32 Biplanes and WWI
Gold Dave Gatts Laird Super Solution


Category B-15: 1/32 Aircraft
Gold Peter Rasmussen JU-88 A4
Silver Bill Wedeward JU-88A1
Bronze O Jay SU-25


Category B-16: Civilian (all scales)
Gold Randy Worringer Martin 202
Silver Kyle Nelson TU-134B
Bronze Steven Savek Grumann G-44


Military Vehicles: Basic
Gold Blaine Miller M997 HEMTT
Silver Richard Tallent Sd Kfz 251/3
Silver Rick Vernen BA-64


Military Vehicles: Intermediate
Gold Mike Hirsch Duece and a Half
Gold Rob Tuebert Panzer IV F2
Gold Erik Zabel Tiger I
Gold Augre McKibben 38(t) mit 7.5cm
Gold Bill Read M1151 HMMWV
Silver Bob Ferreira Centauro Armored Car
Silver Drew Youngman VT-34
Silver Bob Maderich Type 95 "Ha-Go"
Silver Rob Shomsher Sd Kfz 250
Silver Mike Ostendorf Tiger I "late"
Silver Jim Hencinski M4A3
Silver Larry Lahs Panzer IV H
Silver Clinton George Stug III
Silver Robert Dudley Railgun Leopold
Bronze Stuart Vandervort Mk IV "Female"
Bronze Winston Vermileyea Type 95
Bronze Robert Hymdn US 6x6 Cargo Truck


Military Vehicles: Advanced
Gold Tim Streeter M13 M.G.M.C.
Gold Scott Hofland Polish Firefly
Gold Gary Majchrzak British Universal Carrier "Amphibian"
Gold Scott Primeau BT-7
Gold Peter Rassmussen RSO
Gold George Romano Krupp Protze Flak 30
Gold Jesse Peterson Panther Ausf. A
Gold Kyle Nelson IS-4
Gold Don Haney M1A1 "All About the Bones"
Gold Jacques Duquette SA-15 "Gauntlet"
Gold Steve Capiz 1/16 scale Panzer IV
Gold Keith Brusten 1/16 scale SU-100
Silver Sean Brzozowski SU-152
Silver Merril Anderson Char 2C
Bronze Blaine Dooner T-34/76
Bronze Dennis Strand Willy's Jeep
Bronze Jim Allen Fiat Staff Car


Figures: Basic
Gold Chris Glerke Poly Phemus
Silver Rob Mattison Mummy Big Head
Silver Janelle Taylor Necron Overlord
Silver Rob Teubert WWII Belgian Cyclist
Bronze Brian Paschke Bela Lugosi
Bronze Stuart Vandervort The Grunt
Bronze Shaun Saell Ranger


Figures: General
Bronze Brian Paschke Frankenstein
Bronze Rob Mattison The Mummy
Bronze Mark Rollie Creature from the Black Lagoon


Figures: Open
Gold Scott Primeau Zapatista!
Silver Nick Majerus The Seven Year Itch
Silver John R. Ferrara Delaware Scout
Silver Janelle Taylor Ork Warboss
Silver Tim Streeter Ardennes Medic
Silver Chris Gierke The Mummy's Hand


Category E-1: 1/600 and smaller
Gold Jim Kloek Krivak I
Silver Anzo Lee Akizuki


Category E-2: 1/350 to 1/500
Gold Erik Zabel Jerimiah O' Brian
Silver Chuck Bauer Roma Battleship
Bronze Chris Weisensel Gambier Bay


Category E-3: 1/200 and larger
Gold Gary Anderson Charles W. Morgan


Category E-4: Submarines (all)
Gold Steve Capiz Type XXIII
Silver Jacques Duquette Type 97 PLA
Bronze Bob Ferreira Type VII


Category F-1: 1/18 and larger all
Gold Bob Steinbrunn Duesenberg SJ
Silver Mike Klessig Ferrari 312B
Bronze Don Stadik 1969 Camaro


Category F-2: 1/32 and smaller all
Gold Mike Klessig Nissan P-391
Silver Erik Zabel Toyota F-1 2001
Bronze Hugh Heidt Alfa Romeo Type 158


Category F-3: 1/20 to 1/25 Factory Stock
Gold Toby Halliday 1970 Barracuda
Silver Paul Burpee 1958 Chevy
Bronze Jim Allen 1962 Chevy Corvette


Category F-4: 1/20 to 1/25 Street Rods
Gold Tyler Halliday 1932 Ford Vicky
Silver Bob Knudson "Uncertain T"
Bronze Tim Rocheford 1929 Ford Pick-Up


Category F-5: 1/20 to 1/25 Customs
Gold Ben Neu 1949 Mercury
Silver Randy Metz 1953 Ford
Bronze Gary Larsen 1948 Ford


Category F-6: 1/20 to 1/25 Competition closed wheel
Gold Mike Klessig Lamborghini
Silver Jim Allen 1957 Ford Stock car
Bronze Paul Johnston Porsche 934


Category F-7: 1/20 to 1/25 Competition open wheel
Gold Mike Klessig Red Bull RB8
Silver Bob Halliday 1929 Ford
Bronze Howard Quednau Renault RE-30


Category F-8: Trucks all
Gold Bob Maderich II Bussing 1800
Silver Bob Halliday Dodge Van
Bronze Jim Allen White Western Star


Category F-9: Motorcycles all
Gold Bill Read Yamaha YZR
Silver Nick Majerus 1914 Douglas
Bronze Tom Finch Honda Moto Gp Bike


Category F-10: Straight line competition
Gold Jim Allen 1966 Chevy Nova
Silver Torben Rothgeb Monza Funny Car
Bronze Dean Kuitunen 1968 Dodge Dart


Category G-1: Sci-Fi (All)
Gold John R. Ross Naboo Fighter
Silver Erik Zabel Nautilus
Bronze Anzo Lee Transformers Starscream


Category H-1: All
Gold Don Stauffer Ariane 5
Silver Ray Smith Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer
Bronze Jeff Clausen Early Manned Space Launchers


Category I-1: Military Subject
Gold Ryan Tersteeg "The End"
Silver Paul Kinney A-7A Corsair
Bronze Tim Streeter Silent Sentinel


Category I-2: Non-Military Subject
Gold Janelle Taylor Bridge of Khazad-Dun
Silver Howard Quednau 1950 Grand Prix Diorama


Category J-1: All
Gold Don Stadik Skullvane Castle
Silver Janelle Taylor Chimera
Bronze Ray Smith Horsa Glider


Category J-2: Trifecta
Gold Erik Zabel Curtis B1, Ford Fiesta, Cromwell MK IV
Silver Don Stauffer SMS Emden, Mack Truck, DH-2
Bronze Bill Read M1025, Vietnam Grenadier, "03' Honda RC211


Category J-3: Collections
Gold Bill Read Collection of Military Humvee's
Silver Tom Finch Moto GP Bike collection
Bronze Karen Coughlin "Nice Jugs" P-47 collection